Everything you need to know to support your body and brain!

You are not helpless! Your diet and lifestyle have a big impact on your wellbeing before, during and after your menopause. You will learn everything you need to know to protect your body and reduce the side effects!
Embrace Menopause online course

Make Menopause The Time Of Your Life!

  • Physical and Mental side effects: It's in your hands!

    Adding certain nutrients to your diet, exercising wisely and adopting habits that are proven to reduce side effects like brain fog, hot flushes, mood swings will help feel so much better!

  • Your Brain and your Menopause

    Menopause impacts the female brain in many ways and can lead to health issues. You will learn how you can prepare your brain and reduce the risk significantly by making a few changes to your diet and lifestyle.

  • Your body and how you can support it

    Not only our brain is affected, our body will change, too. But weight gain is not inevitable! I will show you how to maintain a healthy weight, and why you can forget about willpower!

Effective, science-based strategies to make you feel better during your menopause

Do you suffer from low mood, feel anxious or even depressed? Are you gaining weight, feeling tired, are your bones and joints aching? And of course - hot flushes??

It may feel like it but I promise you - you are not alone! Sadly, the menopause is still a taboo and there's lots of stigma around it. But we need to talk about it! 

 Let's make Menopause the time of your life! Join me now and make the changes that will help you feeling amazing again! Now and in the future! You deserved this!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome!

    • What to expect from this course

    • Before we begin... schedule your One2One coaching session!

  • 2

    What happens in your body?

    • Oestrogen and Progesterone - Interview with Teresa Davison, Director of the Somerset Menopause Clinic

    • Declining ovarian function and the symptoms

    • Possible Health Risks During And After Menopause

  • 3

    It's in your hands!

    • Diet

    • The vitamins and minerals that help

    • Exercise

    • Lifestyle

    • Stress

    • Before you finish chapter 2...

  • 4

    Your Mental Health During Menopause

    • Eat well for a healthy mind

    • The Gut-Brain Axis

    • Think outside the box: the other strategies

    • 10 - Minute - Meditation

    • Introduction Journaling

  • 5

    Protect Your Brain - Risks Of Menopause To Brain Health And What To Do

    • The Ageing Female Brain and why it's different from a male brain

    • Menopause And Alzheimer's - The Connection

    • 'Am I Turning Mad?'

  • 6

    Is HRT The Solution You Are Looking For?

    • Benefits and Risks

    • HRT and the Alternatives - an overview / Interview with Teresa Davison, Director of the Somerset Menopause Clinic

  • 7

    Bounce Back - Looking After Your Bones

    • Vitamin D - Will A Supplement Help?

    • Calcium - There's More To It Than Dairy

    • Run, Forrest, Run!

  • 8

    Weight Gain Is NOT Inevitable!

    • Calculate BMR, PAL and DCN

    • Exercise To Support Your Insulin And Wellbeing

    • Strategies For Active Relaxation

    • Forget Willpower And Do This Instead

  • 9

    This Is Not The End , It's A Beginning

    • Regain Your Confidence

    • Looking Back and Looking Forward

    • Focus On The Positives

Your Choice!

Access all videos, materials and extras for one year or for life!

You are hot helpless!

Join me and embrace your Menopause!

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Head of Nutrition

Carola Becker

Carola is a passionate Nutritionist, Sports Nutrition Advisor and Fitness Instructor. She helps her clients make impressive changes to their mental and physical health: more energy, better stress resilience and cognitive performance. Besides working with private clients she is a Corporate Speaker and acts as a Nutrition Advisor for brands. Carola loves being in the great outdoors and runs Wellbeing Retreats in amazing locations. Visit her website for more information: www.carolabecker.com

Satisfaction Guarantee

This programme is designed to help you making changes to get all the important vitamins and minerals achieve increased wellbeing before, during and after Menopause.

Under no circumstances do I claim to be a doctor and I can't guarantee the outcome you desire as it depends very much on your determination to make changes. But hundreds of clients as well as the students in this course went through the same programme, made the changes, and enjoyed a great experience.

My promise to you:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the programme, please get in touch and I will reimburse your full enrolment fee.